Project REBUILD is proud to have been operating a YouthBuild program in good standing since 2003.

The program offerings follow the YouthBuild model with five core components –

Education, Vocational Training, Leadership Development, Counseling & Case Management, and Preparing for Graduate Success.

  1. Education

Students spend a minimum of 50% of their time focusing on their education goals as part of our program. Most of the students that participate have dropped out of traditional school programs, and many times haven’t been attending regularly for several years. A primary requirement when they apply for our program is that they also re-enroll themselves into an education program and work towards earning their high school diploma. We understand that everyone learns differently, and for that reason, we offer young people different options for high school diploma preparation. Options include Penn Foster High School done online at our training site, Choices High School, and Stark High School. Students spend their mornings attending classes and then transition to the work-readiness program in the afternoons.

  1. Work Readiness & Vocational Training

Over the past twenty-two years, Project REBUILD has been responsible for creating or renovating over 100 units of housing in our community. YouthBuild participants are involved in construction training utilizing the classroom, training platforms, and worksites throughout Stark County. Through the worksites, young people are creating housing for low to moderate-income families in their communities. Project REBUILD uses the PACT (Pre-Apprenticeship Certificate Training) Curriculum in partnership with HBI (Home Builders Institute) to focus on carpentry. Successful demonstration of competencies learned results in the attainment of an industry-recognized credential.

As the interests of our members change, our program also changes. In 2018, we began piloting a customer service career pathway that focused on the customer skills aspects of every career. In 2020, we began using RISE Up, the National Retail Federation Foundation’s “training and credentialing program that provides foundational employability skills to help people land jobs and get promoted in retail and beyond” ( 

  1. Leadership Development

One of our program goals is for our members to become leaders in their lives, families, and communities. We work to teach them to take responsibility for themselves and their actions. We also show them how they can positively impact their community by providing service projects and getting involved. Participants spend at least two days per month working with community partners and providing a service, whether that be cleaning up the neighborhood or serving a hot meal to those in need.

  1. Counseling & Case Management

As we plan for future success for our students, we understand that many times it’s not the lack of knowledge and training that leads to difficulty in the workplace – it’s the challenges and obstacles they’re facing in their personal lives. These challenges may include reliable transportation, childcare, substance abuse, or mental health issues. Our program helps participants identify and create strategies to help alleviate or remove those barriers to success.

  1. Graduate Success Planning

The ultimate goal for our participants is a successful transition into the workforce or post-secondary education. Throughout our nine-month program, students are being taught and are practicing good habits that lead to those successful transitions. They participate in career and post-secondary exploration activities, prepare resumes, participate in mock interviewing, and work towards post-program-specific activities.

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