We are proud that since 2003, Project REBUILD has run a successful YouthBuild program, focusing on Education, Vocational Training, Leadership Development, Counseling and Case Management, and Preparing for Graduate Success.

Our student-focused approach means at least 50% of our time is dedicated to Education. Whether studying online at Penn Foster High School or attending one of our local partner high schools, our students work hard to achieve their high school diplomas.

We’re also proud to have created/renovated over 100 housing units in our community through our Vocational Training. A part of the Construction Training Career Pathway, our YouthBuild participants learn carpentry skills through hands-on experience at local worksites, all while helping to create affordable housing. In the past few years, we’ve added a second Career Pathway focusing on Customer Service and how the skills learned are valuable in a number of industries. 

Leadership Development is vital to our program. All members are co-enrolled in AmeriCorps and we aim to inspire the youth to become responsible leaders in their lives and communities. Our participants make a real difference from neighborhood clean-ups to serving hot meals.

Through Counseling and Case Management, we address personal challenges that might affect our students’ success. We help them strategize solutions to issues like reliable transportation, childcare, and mental health.

Finally, our Graduate Success Planning ensures our students are work or college-ready. They learn essential skills like resume writing, interviewing, and career exploration, setting them up for post-program success.

Learn more about YouthBuild USA here – https://youthbuild.org/

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