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We’ve added a Music Program to REBUILD!

When a 2x Stellar Award, 1x Grammy award nominated recording artist/producer joined our staff, you had to know it may be coming…

Our October 2022 cohort is the first group to participate in our new music program. Led by Kelly “Prodigal Son” Williams, the music program dives deeper than music. The creative writing portion allows members to be vulnerable in their approach to creating meaningful music, poetry, and writings. Once the writing is complete, it’s off to the recoding studio to produce and record. Kelly believes (and so do we) that It’s important that our students know themselves rather than being influenced by outside sources, and our music program does just that. Keep watching our social media to see what they create!

Did you miss #GivingTuesday? You can still help!

This year’s #GivingTuesday campaign was all about places and spaces for REBUILD members. Your generous donations will help fund a lunchroom makeover. We plan to transform a storage area into a colorful and comfortable lunchroom/breakroom for members to eat, relax, and spend time together. This is especially important for members enrolled in Penn Foster high school who spend most of their day on campus. Be sure to follow us on social media for updates on the makeover!

Have you discovered Job Quest, yet?

Frazer Project recognized by U.S. Green Building Council

In January, we celebrated another milestone for our 1714 Frazer Project, an Honorable Mention at the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership Awards Ceremony. You can read more here.

A Conversation with Scott Dyer from Just A Start YouthBuild 

Click on the picture to listen to this most recent episode of The Voice of Opportunity Youth Podcast with Scott Dyer from Just A Start YouthBuild in Cambridge, MA. Hear about his journey from YouthBuild student at North Shore CDC’s YouthBuild program to working for Just A Start.  Thank you to ArtsinStark for funding this podcast! 


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