Help us Help our Neighbors

Have you seen the “Giving Gracious Groceries” Box, yet? Our Youth Leadership Council (YLCs) wanted a means to help our neighbors with groceries. With funding from Youth Service America and the Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation, they were able to secure funds to build a box that debuted to our neighbors at the beginning of July. 

Now, we need your help to keep it full, and there are several different ways you can do that. 

* Donate by clicking here, and we’ll purchase what we need. 

* Add an item or two when you shop at Amazon. Click here to access our Wish List

* Call us at 330-588-3205, option #2 to partner with us on a food drive. 

* Call us at 330-588-3205, option #2 to arrange to drop off non-perishable food items, cleaning supplies, pet food, or hygiene items. 

* New as of August 7th, purchase bulbs for fall planting and REBUILD will receive a portion of your purchase –


Project REBUILD’s Schedule due to COVID-19

Updated 7/29/2020

Our program continues to operate with a hybrid model of online and in-person training. Policies and practices continue to be in effect that comply with social distancing, face coverings, temperature taking, and regular sanitizing. We are also complying with Governor DeWine’s travel advisory and asking all staff and members to report on recent travel. We continue to work with our local health department and ensure compliance with all federal, state, and local advisories.

Again, while we’d love to see all of you, we still respectfully ask that if you are not actively involved with our program you continue to refrain from visiting. You are welcome to reach us via phone, email, or social media. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call the office.


Project REBUILD highlighted as part of New 5 Cleveland’s “A Better Land” Series


Currently accepting applications

for a new class to begin October 2020

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Between the ages of 16-24
  • Low Income
  • High School Dropout
  • One of the following: youth offender, adult offender, current/former foster youth, child of an incarcerated parent
  • Note that our program has a drug free policy for all members. Successful passage of a drug test within three weeks of starting Mental Toughness is required for formal enrollment into the program. 

Call 330-588-3205, option #4 for more information.


Have you ever wondered how you can help Project REBUILD students? There are several ways and here’s one of them… Be a Mentor! 

Project REBUILD is launching a new mentoring program for our students, who are 16-24 years old. We are looking for mentors to connect with our students for 1- 5 hours each week.

You can be a mentor.

You can change a student’s life.

As a mentor, you can change the direction of your young person’s life by merely being present.
You can expand your networking and professional skills by joining our mentor network.
Coaches, teachers, and co-workers have mentored you. Now you can pass it on.
Your skills, experience, and friendship will help a young woman or man become ready to succeed in the workforce or in college. All of our mentoring will be structured activities at convenient times for your schedule.
Contact the office at  (330) 588-3205, option #2 or for more information.