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A Conversation with Matt Clerico

Click on the picture to listen to this most recent episode of The Voice of Opportunity Youth Podcast with two Matts. Our Matt chats with Matt Clerico, Senior Portfolio Manager for YouthBuild AmeriCorps. Thank you to ArtsinStark for funding this podcast! 


A New Way to Support our Members

Project REBUILD has supported young people in Stark County for over 20 years. Through hands-on training in construction, customer service, and personal and professional development, members in our program learn and develop the skills and knowledge to set themselves up for life-long achievement. Now, you can join us in empowering the future of Stark County. We’re excited to launch our #monthlygiving campaign. Help keep our Blessing Boxes full, provide construction tools, safety equipment, or uniforms for our members. Not ready to commit to giving each month? Consider making a one-time donation to Project REBUILD. Every act of giving matters.

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