Creative Writing leading to Music Writing and Production

In October 2022, we kicked off a new creative writing class that led to our October 2022 cohort writing, performing, and producing their first song!

Take a listen…

Lyrics written and performed by: Members of Project REBUILD’s October 2022 cohort: Richard Boyd, Daquan Davis, Logan Dunham, Tyler Gagen, Justin Mosinski, Zoey Muhammad, Nicci Nimely, Keiontay Smith, and their instructor Kelly Williams.

Executive Producer: Kelz Did It Again aka Prodigal Son

Released March 1, 2023

The Voice of Opportunity Youth Podcast

The Voice Of Opportunity Youth podcast serves as a platform to elevate the voices of young people involved with YouthBuild and shine a light on the positive change being made in their lives. Aged 16-24, YouthBuild students work to reclaim ownership of their lives, their education, and their futures through grit and growth. We look to share the stories of these young people and to prove to them that their voices deserve to be heard and can change the world. This podcast has been funded in part by ArtsinStark.

YouthBuild Of Greater Stark County – Dakota Ferguson – Canton, Ohio
YouthBuild USA – John Valverde – CEO
Compton YouthBuild – Eladio Cruz – Compton, California
YouthBuild USA – Matt Clerico – Senior AmeriCorps Portfolio Manager
Scott Dyer Just-A-Start YouthBuild – Cambridge, MA

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