Project REBUILD is grateful for the support from individual donors, businesses, and foundations – both private and corporate. There are many ways to make a donation in support of our work and our mission…To engage young adults to create pathways to academic, professional, and leadership opportunities while providing them with the skills and support to set them up for lifelong success.

Donations can be made in several ways…


A cash gift is the most common and easiest way for most donors to give. Cash gifts include checks, credit cards, and electronic funds transfer (EFT’s).

* Cash gifts can be made by sending a check or money order through the postal service to:

Project REBUILD Inc. 406 Shorb Ave. N.W. Canton, Ohio 44703.

* A monthly or one-time contribution by debit or credit card can be made by contacting the Fiscal Manager Scott Minnie, at 330-588-3205 option 3 or via Give Lively (click here).

Project REBUILD Endowment Fund: 

Project REBUILD has created an endowment fund at Stark Community Foundation to provide long-term financial support of our mission to serve young people through education, vocational and work readiness training, supportive services, and leadership development. Stark Community Foundation provides professional investment management and administration of the fund, and each year, we receive a percentage of the fund’s balance to support the charitable work of our organization. 

The fund also provides options for donors who may give directly to Project REBUILD in support of current operations, may give to the fund in support of the long-term financial health of our organization or both. The endowment fund also presents an excellent option for donors who want to make legacy gifts.

To learn more about The Project Rebuild Endowment Fund, contact our office. To support Project REBUILD, make a donation online or mail a check to Stark Community Foundation, 400 Market Ave. North, Suite 200, Canton, OH 44702. Be sure to indicate your support of The Project Rebuild Endowment Fund in the memo line.

Stock/Appreciated Securities:

Did you know that when you donate stock, you avoid the tax on the gain while deducting 100% of the value of the contribution? When you give stock, you may earn 2-3x the tax savings vs. donating cash. It’s a win-win for you and us. And now it’s fast, safe and easy to do.

Project Rebuild has partnered with to enable our supporters to make stock donations in 10 minutes or less. Our DonateStock page enables you to donate stock from your brokerage directly to our account through a secure portal, making the gifting process fast, safe and easy.

So remember, charitable giving doesn’t always mean cash. By giving stock, your support will have even greater impact—without denting your pocketbook. Give smart and save more by putting stock in something that matters.

Visit our DonateStock page at

Amazon Wishlist

We maintain a list on Amazon with items that are used as part of our day-to-day operations. Please consider including us in your next Amazon shopping trip.

Corporate Giving & Matching Gifts:

You can double the amount of your gift by using such a program. Many corporations provide such programs in which your donation is matched by your employer. Contact your company for information. Project REBUILD qualifies for a number of these programs.

Donations of Building Materials and Tools:

Because Project REBUILD includes a construction training program we do have a need for specific building materials and tools (power/hand or other types of carpentry tools) for our students to use in their training. If you have such items we invite you to contact Joanna James, Executive Director, at 330-588-3205 option 2 to discuss your donation.


for making or considering a donation to Project REBUILD. Our donors become our partners and help us in our efforts to improve the quality of life for the youth involved in our programs and the families that live in the homes we build or rehabilitate.