Downtown Canton Community Garden - 2023
If you are answering yes, please indicate below whether you are renewing the same plots, giving up a plot, or would like an additional(s). Note that additional plots may not be available until after April 15th. If you indicate that you'd like additional, do NOT pay for them now. We will get in touch once we have them available.

If accepted as a gardener, I will abide by the following rules, terms, and conditions:

1. I use this garden at the sole discretion of Downtown Canton Community Garden, facilitated through Project REBUILD as the Garden Coordinator. I agree to abide by its policies and practices.

2. The fee for the use of the garden is $10 for an approximate size 9’x 9’ or $20 for an approximate size 18’ x 9’ plot, per year (April 1 – March 31). The deadline to renew a contract is March 31 of each year and can be done by phone at 330-588-3205, Option 4 or email Payment and signed contracts must be completed on or before March 31. This must be paid in cash, check (checks to be made out to Project REBUILD Inc.), or credit card using the link in this online form. Plots not renewed by the March 31 deadline may be reassigned.

3. Once I have been assigned a plot, I will cultivate, plant it, and maintain it for the duration of the season. The plot should not be left fallow or unused for any period of three weeks or longer, or the plot may be reassigned.

4. Plot(s) is/are approximately 9’x9’ or 18’x 9’ in size. You agree that you will not expand my plot beyond this measurement or into paths or other plots. I will keep all my plants within the limits of my garden plot and will not allow any plants to grow more than six feet high. I must keep my plot free of weeds, pests and diseases.

5. I will keep my plot, paths, and surrounding areas clean and neat. I will completely separate my trash into two groups: 1) dead plants, leaves, and other green waste plant parts and 2) paper, plastic, cardboard, wood,
metal, etc. I will put each type of trash only in the areas designated specifically for each. Anything I bring from my home I will take back home. I will not bring household trash and leave it at the Downtown Canton / Summit Community Garden.

6. I will not plant any illegal plant. I will not smoke, drink alcoholic beverages, use illegal drugs, or gamble in the garden. I will not come to the garden while under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. I will not bring
weapons or pets or other animals to the garden.

7. Guests and visitors, including children, may enter the garden only if I accompany them. They must follow all rules, terms, and conditions stated here. I will supervise my children at all times when they are in the garden. I am solely responsible for the behavior of my guests.

8. I will commit to only using organic means of weed prevention and fertilization. If there is a dire situation, I will not apply any pesticides in the garden without the approval of the Garden Coordinator.

9. I will not make duplicate keys of any locks at the garden or give my key or lock combination to another person.

10. I will not take food or plants from other gardeners’ plots. I will not take anything from the garden that is not rightfully mine.

11. I forfeit my right to sue the owner of the property.

Breaking any rules, terms, and conditions is cause for exclusion from the garden and loss of your plot.

The following conditions apply:
1. You will receive one verbal warning from a Garden Coordinator.
2. If no response or correction has been made, you will receive written notice two weeks later.
3. In another two weeks, if no response or correction has been made, you will receive written final notification that you have forfeited your gardening privileges and plot.
4. You will be allowed to reapply for another garden plot only after one year, and only at the discretion of a Garden Coordinator.

You are welcome to pay via credit card below, mail a check to Project REBUILD at 406 Shorb Ave NW, Canton, OH 44703 or stop into the office at that same address. Note that we are in the office Monday through Thursday from 8am to 4:30pm and Fridays from 8am to noon. There is a mail slot in the front door for after hours.