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Add a Community Event
Use this form to submit your organization's community event. The event must be open to the general public to attend or purchase tickets. We reserve the right to not post events that may be in violation of our organization's nondiscrimination practices. Please be sure that everything is correct and the way you'd like it to be posted. We will not be responsible for grammar, spelling, or verifying information. Your event should be submitted in advance. We may take up to 48 hours to post on our calendar page.
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Note that your name, email, and phone number will not be used in the posting. It is simply for us to have a point of contact for any additional information necessary.
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By signing here, you are giving Project REBUILD permission to post your event information on our website using the information you provided. Your signature also indicates that you have permission from the organization that you are representing to share the information included on this form.