Project REBUILD, Inc. is fortunate to have a wonderful Board of Trustees that guides our organization…

Pat King, Chairman 

Bev Long, Vice Chairman 

Jeff Buckshaw, Treasurer 

Mandi Larson, Secretary

Nader Abueteen 

Rahul Chaudhari

Kamaran Gray

Kate Immel

Mandi Larson

Paul McCollin 

Angela Palomba 

Nichole Simmons

Are you interested in possibly serving on our board? 

  • Meets on the 3rd Wednesday of February, April, June, August, October, and December at 7:30am (approximately one hour)
  • Terms are 3 years; can serve up to 3 terms
  • 3 Standing Committees – Board Development, Events Planning, Site Committee
  • Expectations:
    • Think Strategically 
    • Advocate Fiercely 
    • Contribute Generously 
    • Operate Responsibly
  • Ongoing Opportunities for Board Members to Support the Organization
    • Attend graduation celebrations 
    • Co-host a Lunch & Learn 
    • Invite us to tour your workplace 
    • Mentor one of our members 
    • Volunteer to work community events with us 

If you’re interested in learning more or speaking to our Board President, please email